Shaking Things Up and Cutting Costs, the Cloud Increasingly Delivers

While modern Information Technology resources can undoubtedly contribute greatly to productivity and efficiency, they can also be expensive and difficult to maintain. Balancing the pros and cons of this equation has been a constant struggle for many business leaders over the course of the last decade, but there seem to be some good answers on the horizon.

Instead of trying to do everything in house, for example, many businesses are discovering that Custom Cloud Solutions can make a whole lot more sense. Provided by companies that do nothing but establish and maintain IT resources, these new services can be much more affordable than the on-site equivalent.

For example, many companies have found that off-site Private Virtual Servers can make for a far more satisfying answer to the problems that on-site dedicated machines have traditionally been used to solve. For companies that maintain their own server farms, payroll and technology costs can climb year after year, and this newer, more modern option seems to offer a clear way out.

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Using virtual servers of this sort, too, is no more difficult than taking advantage of physical ones. Based upon any of a number of cutting-edge virtualization technologies, they look to users and software packages no different than physical servers. What they do offer, on the other hand, is far more in the way of flexibility and affordability.

Even for companies that cannot justify cutting such fundamental ties, there are often a number of good options to be found in the cloud. Many businesses, for example, find that maintaining Microsoft Exchange servers is a constant source of trouble and expense. Providers of Hosted Exchange services can therefore often step in and relieve their clients of quite a bit in the way of costs.

The same goes for the everyday applications that every company’s wellbeing depends upon, where cloud hosting can also be an excellent option. Services that provide Cloud Desktop for QuickBooks or other common software packages, for example, can make it much easier for employees to collaborate than would otherwise be possible. At the same time, because they take care of updating and maintaining the software in question, they also help to cut down on costs.

Instead of continuing with the status quo, then, many companies would benefit from finding out what the cloud has to offer. Far from being just another in a long line of IT buzzwords, the cloud is clearly here to stay, and for a number of excellent reasons.


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